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Investment case

1. Growing demand in a stable market

The needs within the societal welfare system are increasing, but the supply is unable to keep up at the same pace due to a shortage of personnel. To establish both quality and quantity, more resources and new solutions are required. The market is characterised by stability and growth driven by societal development.

Increased demand

A growing population and an aging demographic contribute to an increased demand for healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment. There are also rising needs and requirements within municipal social services.

Staff shortages

There is a significant shortage of qualified personnel, including doctors, nurses, social workers, and psychologists. Hiring staff becomes the solution to provide high-quality and equitable healthcare and social services for all citizens, regardless of their location.

Insensitive to economic fluctuations

The demand is stable, and business transactions primarily occur through framework agreements, allowing for long-term stability and planning. This creates reliability and makes us insensitive to economic fluctuations.

2. Well positioned in the market

Dedicare is a market leader in its business areas in the Nordic region. Through high-quality deliveries, responsiveness, and flexibility towards both customers and employees, we ensure our position in the market.

The largest recruitment and staffing provider in the Nordics

This means we address our customers’ competence supply needs wherever the customer is located in the Nordic region.

An attractive employer for our employees and consultants

Our focus is to provide a positive work environment, competitive employment conditions, and development through challenging assignments, both locally and across borders.

Operational efficiency

Investments in IT and digitalisation aim to create economies of scale with secure, data-driven, and efficient operational processes, both internally within Dedicare and for our clients and consultants.

3. Stable and profitable growth

Dedicare has demonstrated strong growth and performance development. We have expanded our operations in life sciences and established a presence in the UK. We will continue our efforts towards higher growth, satisfied clients, consultants, and employees, as well as towards our vision of becoming one of Europe’s leading recruitment and staffing providers in our niche.

High growth

Significant organic growth has been witnessed in recent years, encompassing both revenue and results. Through acquisitions, we have added new business areas and entered new countries. We intend to continue this trend.

Satisfied clients, consultants and employees

We have achieved excellent results in our surveys among clients, consultants, and employees, which are crucial for continued growth and profitability.

High dividend yield

Our dividend policy is a minimum of 50% of net profit, and the average dividend pay-out ratio over the past five years is 55%.