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Our values

Core values which make a difference

Dedicare is a values-driven company, and our shared values are therefore significant to us. They guide us daily in our routines and are an integral part of our corporate culture.



We are passionate about finding the right person for the right assignment. We exert ourselves to address the client’s challenges while simultaneously discovering the next exciting opportunity for the candidate. With great dedication, we assist healthcare, social care, and life science sectors with competent personnel.



We are attentive and always at the forefront of technological solutions. While adhering to a quality-assured process, we continually challenge ourselves to find new ways to enhance our offerings and operations. We are flexible and strive to find effective solutions.



Everything within our company revolves around people. We treat everyone with respect and aim to assist individuals in achieving their goals in the workplace. We understand that each person and situation is unique. We have respect for the important work our clients, candidates, and consultants perform every day.



You should feel secure and always be able to trust us; we don’t promise more than we can deliver. Quality, excellent service, and timely delivery are our guiding principles. We value open and honest communication and appreciate feedback which helps us to continually improve.