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Mission, vision and business concept

Future and expansion

Currently, we operate in the Nordic region and the UK, and we view the rest of Europe as our future market. The markets we have identified as interesting in the coming years are Germany, the Netherlands, and France

Focusing on the candidate

We prioritise the driving forces of the consultant to enable each individual consultant to identify the right opportunity for them. By matching with clients throughout Europe, we offer a wide range of assignments where the consultant has the opportunity to develop their skills without compromising on job security. In this way, we become the most attractive employer for consultants.

On the right path

In 2022, we achieved our highest turnover ever at SEK 1,768.0 million, and growth was 41.5% on the previous year. To date, our business has been very successful in delivering in-demand services in healthcare, life science and social work. In the third quarter 2022, market researcher Plimsoll published a report on Europe’s 25 largest healthcare staffing providers which ranked Dedicare as the 10th largest healthcare staffing provider in Europe. This clearly indicates that we are in line with our vision.


Dedicare is committed to responsibly and sustainably contribute to the health, development, and quality of life of individuals.

We strive to contribute to high-quality and equitable healthcare for everyone, regardless of where the need arises. Our strategic focus areas and values provide us with direction and guidance in our work, helping us maintain a sustainable and successful business.

Responsibility for Healthcare

By meeting the resource and competency needs of our clients and providing our consultants with greater opportunities while maintaining the same security, we contribute to a better, more equitable healthcare and social care for all. We want more individuals to choose to continue working and developing within their healthcare professions, ensuring the availability of more skilled doctors, nurses, social workers, and managers.

For us, nearly everything revolves around people. This is because we offer services performed by people, but most importantly because our job is about ensuring people have the best possible health. Our humanistic approach means there should always be a genuine and sincere concern for our employees, clients, and their patients.

Equality and Diversity

Diversity and equality are crucial to us, both from a human perspective and for our competitiveness. We systematically work throughout the employee’s journey at Dedicare to promote gender equality and diversity, and to counteract discrimination and offensive treatment. In 2023, Dedicare once again secured a place on Allbright’s green list, being recognised as one of the most gender-equal publicly traded companies out of a total of 355.

We have a higher number of female employees at Dedicare, primarily because many of the professions we staff are traditionally female-dominated. Our goal is to achieve as even a gender distribution as possible.